Corporate History

It’s 1945 and our story begins in a shop in İstanbul’s Karaköy district which dealt in iron and steel and which belonged to Mehmet Rüştü Çolakoğlu, the founder of our company. The business did well and towards the end of the 1950s the first Çolakoğlu® steel mill commenced operation in İstanbul’s Sütlüce district. Growth was inevitably fueled by the need to keep pace with the steadily increasing importance of billet steel as a basic material. In 1969 Çolakoğlu began producing steel in its mill in Dilovası, a town on the Gulf of İzmit east of İstanbul. Since the very outset, Çolakoğlu has always maintained its leading position in its sector by undertaking new investments. In 1985 Çolakoğlu became the first privately-owned firm in Turkey to produce wire rod. In 1990 it added steel reinforcing bar to its product line.

Inspired by the strength of iron & steel, we have always striven with all our might. In every project that we’ve undertaken as Çolakoğlu® Metalurji, it’s always been important for us to bring state-of-the-art and eco-friendly technologies into our country. Both the renewal of our steel mill in 2007 and the start of flat steel production in 2010 represent investments that are reflections of this attitude. Most recently we continued to maintain our trailblazing position in the sector with Turkey’s first privately-owned hot rolling mill.