Human Resources

We are a family made of steel. We are the architects of a life of collaborating shoulder to shoulder and making a sense of responsibility a part of every moment of our lives at every stage of production. We are committed to our word with the utmost devotion. Doing the very best of course is possible only if you work with the very best. Each and every one of our employees performs their duties at the highest level out of this conviction. Our main goal is to help them continuously improve themselves and to maximize their contributions to work processes as changing conditions may require. Their happiness and peace of mind are our first concern.


Our most precious resource is our employees. We are extremely mindful of our employees’ developing the skills they need to keep pace with changing conditions. One of our biggest investments involves helping our human resources gain the skills and abilities they require. We believe that this will maximize our competitive strength and market success.

The quality of our human resources is fundamental to our ability to realize our chosen strategies and to come up with unique solutions. In keeping with this, we employ the most appropriate success-focused human resources systems. In order to support maximum participation in work processes among our employees, we design these systems to encourage the voluntary exercise of initiative. The free expression of ideas is foremost among the values to which we give importance.

Human Resources Strategies
Human Resources Technologies